Ceramic Beads (Foundry Spherical Sand)

Ceramsite sand is high grade green casting material, made of high Alumina Calcined Bauxite, processed through fusing, spraying, sieving, get rid of impurity and special procedures. With ideal spherical shape, excellent fluidity and filling property, Ceramsite sand is widely used in various sizes of steel/iron/alloy casting parts. It is suitable for various bonds of casting mold and can meet different needs of various customers.

Specification (Size):


Special grades can be customized.


Spherical Shape


Grey black

Performance/ Advantage:

Spherical Shape

As the shape is spherical with high density, ceramsite sand have excellent fluidity and filling character.

Glazed and Compact Surface

The surface of ceramsite sand is glazed and compact,it can be evenly covered by the bond such greatly reduce the resin consumption.

Excellent Refractoriness

With higher content of mullite phase than sintered sand, ceramsite sand is featured with high refractoriness.

Low Thermal Expansion

Very low thermal expansion ensures fewer or no casting defects.

Good regenerability

Each single bead has high strength and is not easily broken, the adhesive on its surface can easily fall off during regeneration. The ceramsite sand produced can be recycled many times and can basically be reused 8 to 10 times, greatly reducing casting costs.

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Ceramsite Sand

Technical Index:

Chemical Composition: Al2O3 ≥70%,73%,75% Fe2O3 3%max SiO2 15-25% TiO2 3-5%

General Characteristic:

Bulk Density g/cm31.9-2.1
Ig. Loss (%)-0.05
Acid Consumption(ml/50g)3max
RefractorinessSK35min1770° Cmin
Thermal expansion(1000OC) (%)0.63


Making Mold and Core

Organic or Inorganic self-harden Casting Mol

Furan Resin Molding, Alkali-phenol Resin Molding, etc

Hot-Harden Casting Mold

RCS molding

Gas-harden casting Mold

Cold-box molding, CO2 molding

Lost Foam Casting

3D Printing

Refractory Coating

Ceramic Beads (Foundry Spherical Sand)

Ceramic Beads (Foundry Spherical Sand)

Ceramic Beads (Foundry Spherical Sand)


Paper bag( 25kgs) or Square Bulk Bag(1000kgs or 1200kg)

Ceramic Beads (Foundry Spherical Sand)